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Money, Marriage & Mortality with Gary Botwinick

March 16, 2022 | by Patricia M. Barbarito

For many, talking finances before walking down the aisle is the epitome of anti-romanticism. But host Pat Barbarito and featured guest Gary Botwinick believe that having a clear understanding of your individual and combined assets – and how you both expect to manage those – at the beginning of a marriage can actually lay the groundwork for a wonderful future or shine a light on irreconcilable incompatibility before it becomes devastating heartbreak.


Highlights include:

  • Legal documents that everyone, regardless of marital status, should have e.g., will, living will, healthcare proxy, power of attorney, etc., and the importance of regularly reviewing the terms outlined;
  • The legal rights and obligations one spouse owes another, e.g., forced inheritance, elective shares;
  • Recommendations on when to have the prenuptial conversation with your potential partner and why it should cover more eventualities than a potential divorce;
  • How preparing for divorce can and should impact financial decisions even before the proceedings are final;
  • Why you shouldn’t depend on the terms in a will or a divorce decree to decide the distribution of your wealth;
  • How cryptocurrencies and NFTs will challenge how assets are currently discovered; and so much more.
BONUS: Gary’s #1 tip on how to avoid being surprised by your financial reality, even if your spouse manages household income and investments.

About Heartbreak & Hope

Heartbreak and Hope Podcast

Co-managing partner and divorce lawyer Pat Barbarito thought she knew all about complex relationships and the laws that govern them – until her own marriage of 17 years ended and she determined to get to the heart of love, marriage, and human connection. Her journey spanned the entire scope of relationships – from the science of attraction to the financial impact of separation, to old myths that society still touts as true to new laws that outline how to navigate both uniting and uncoupling.

Heartbreak & Hope with Pat Barbarito offers insights, anecdotes, and guidance from a variety of experts and includes her own perspective on how best to thrive through any stage of relationship building.



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