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New Jersey Appellate Attorneys

In many cases, a trial court decision is not the end of litigation – it is just the beginning. In New Jersey, after a trial court judge renders a decision, either party has a right to file an appeal with the Appellate Division of New Jersey. Thereafter, on occasion, the seven Justices of our New Jersey Supreme Court may, either by choice or by constitutional mandate, review all or some of the issues presented to the Appellate Division.

The Firm’s Appellate Practice Group is currently chaired by Partner, Bonnie C. Frost, Esq., with the assistance of her co-chair, Partner, Matheu D. Nunn, Esq. The duo of Frost and Nunn regularly handle emergent and non-emergent matters before the Appellate Division and Supreme Court. Their efforts across a wide-range of subject matters have resulted in a number of recent precedent-setting decisions, including the landmark child relocation case of Bisbing v. Bisbing; a case of first-impression regarding cohabitation and termination of alimony in Quinn v. Quinn; a contested adoption case of first impression in In re Adoption of a Child by J.E.V.; and a case of first-impression involving a special needs person in J.B. v. W.B. Overall, the Firm’s Appellate Practice Group has prevailed in 19 cases that its attorneys initiated or handled before the New Jersey Supreme Court, including the noteworthy “firefighters’ rule” decision of Ruiz v. Mero and the Supreme Court’s decision in State v. Dispoto.

The members of the Appellate Practice Group also: serve as co-counsel on appeals with other lawyers; are active in writing and/or arguing in amicus efforts for both the New Jersey State Bar Association and the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers; and regularly lecture with Justices, judges, and practitioners regarding appellate and Supreme Court practice. Additionally, the attorneys in our Appellate Practice Group are skilled in handling appellate arbitration of issues previously tried by arbitrators.

Although the appeals process can be a difficult and complicated journey, Einhorn Barbarito attorneys have litigated cases on appeal that touch upon a variety of issues:

  • Administrative Appeals
  • Contested Adoptions
  • Civil/Commercial Litigation, Including Contract Disputes and Employer/Employee Issues
  • Criminal Defense, Including Municipal Court and DWI
  • Custody and Parenting Time, Including DCPP (Child Protective Services)
  • Domestic Violence
  • Estate, Trust and Tax, Including Guardianships and Will Contests
  • Family Law and Divorce, Including Alimony and Equitable Distribution
  • Personal Injury
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Zoning and Land Use

Prepared to Take on Complex and Sophisticated Appeals

At Einhorn Barbarito, we are not afraid to raise legal issues that were not previously addressed by the New Jersey Appellate Division or the Supreme Court. We have a reputation for being experienced litigators who are well equipped to handle sophisticated appeals across all subject areas. Regardless of which party originates the case, our attorneys work as a team, discussing and exploring the case from every angle to assure that the entirety of the argument is raised on appeal. We also collaborate throughout the course of the writing process to produce the best product possible for our clients.

On an appeal, there tends to be less client contact because appellate judges rely on the record created at the trial court level – no “new” information can be added to an appeal brief. There is no oral argument on motions at the appellate level nor is there any testimony taken from litigants. Prior to filing the brief (written legal argument), we share the document with the client for his or her comments. Our attorneys also reach out to our clients when preparing to argue the appeal to ascertain what points they believe should be accentuated. We aim to keep our clients fully apprised at every point in the appellate process and will do everything within our power to get a win for them.

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