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Transitioning into a new classroom with a new teacher is challenging for most children, but it is particularly challenging with children with special needs. The following is what you can do to make your child’s transition into a new classroom successful: First, prior to school commencing, email your child’s teacher […]

An IEP derives from a governmental program (The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act – “IDEA”) and does not apply to every student with a disability. An IEP only applies to disabled students who apply to the program and are eligible. Section 504 is an anti-discrimination law and applies to every […]

A Superior Court judge interprets and applies the law, both statutory and case law. Statutory law is enacted by the legislature. Case law is established by judicial decision in litigated matters (i.e. cases of the Trial Court, Appellate Division or Supreme Court). The Law Courts have the authority to adjudicate […]

Special Education is governed by Federal and State law which requires public schools to provide children with disabilities a free and appropriate public education that is individually tailored to meet their unique needs, along with sufficient support services to permit that child to benefit educationally from that instruction. If your […]

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