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CLE APPROVED – Surviving Parental Alienation with Dr. Amy Baker

March 14, 2024 | by Patricia M. Barbarito

Parental Alienation CLE

Thank you for your interest in listening to our CLE-approved episode of Heartbreak & Hope. We know you will find this conversation informative and encourage you to follow our show to learn even more about how to build up or break down any relationship with confidence clarity and compassion.

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Parental alienation has a devastating effect on both children and the targeted parent – but is it always malicious? What does an alienator tell themselves to justify the aggressive separation of child and parent? At what age are children most susceptible to the manipulation of one parent against another? Can alienated parents and children ever re-establish a healthy connection?

Host Pat Barbarito and featured guest Dr. Amy Baker explore these questions and more, as they delve into fear, sadness, financial loss, and court frustration associated with parental alienation during divorce/custody proceedings.

Conversation highlights also include:

  • Defining parental alienation, how experts use the term, and why it matters;
  • Why avoiding labeling the person and focusing on behavior is key when discussing parental alienation tactics and rebuttals;
  • Navigating the confusing idea that the alienated child feels rejected by the very parent they are rejecting;
  • The courts’ role in assessing alienation and requiring reunification efforts;
  • How a manipulative parent’s behavior can actually help the other side move forward in a custody battle;
  • The four mental hurdles that must be overcome to build and win a parental alienation case; and
  • Finding hope amongst the variety of paths to reunification.

BONUS: Dr. Baker offers a sneak peek into her as-yet-untitled new book designed to help parents engage with their hurt, angry, rejected, distant child, including 30 sample texts to send to encourage real time communication.

ADDITIONAL RECOMMENDATION: If you are experiencing parental alienation, please watch the Erasing Family documentary for confirmation that you are not alone and there is hope.

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Heartbreak & Hope with Pat Barbarito offers insights, anecdotes, and guidance from a variety of experts and includes her own perspective on how best to thrive through any stage of relationship building.

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