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Me Too, Time’s Up!

January 9, 2018 | by Andrew Berns

Societal mores undoubtedly impact behaviors in the workplace.  Businesses both small and large must immediately increase their awareness of the Me Too, Time’s Up! movement undeniably washing over our culture and thus our businesses.

A new Governor is being sworn in New Jersey in a matter of days.  He has vowed to commit more resources and enhance all governmental agencies which focus on civil rights and all rights of individuals.  In this regard, employers can expect increased claims, a better staffed and funded New Jersey Division on Civil Rights as well as an enlarged and improved Department of Labor.  From a legal perspective, there are intelligent, cost effective ways to prepare your business for this cultural change and steps which can be taken to prevent exposure and liability.

Regularly update your workplace policies and provide sensitivity training for your employees.  Take all claims of improper workplace behavior seriously.  Have a process to investigate all claims in a timely, fair and consistent manner.

It is most prudent, and generally required, to utilize outside professionals to investigate workplace claims.  For transparency and objectivity, a business cannot use its own lawyers for this function.  The employment attorneys at Einhorn Barbarito are experienced, objective and capable of performing this service in a discreet and cost-efficient manner.  As timing is important on these matters, the Einhorn Barbarito attorneys will promptly investigate and thereafter provide our finding and recommendations for action steps.

If your employees know that any and all complaints will be fairly investigated, you will have a more satisfied and productive workforce.  Now is the time to make sure your business is prepared for the current workplace environment.  Don’t wait to update your policies and be sure to bring in objective investigators like the Workplace Investigation attorneys at Einhorn Barbarito.

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