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NJ Attorneys for DWI and Other Traffic Tickets

Our DWI clients run the spectrum of society, they range from CEOs, doctors, lawyers, accountants to anyone who operates a motor vehicle and consumes alcohol or drugs while driving.  New Jersey it is a “per se offense” state, which means that an individual with a .08% or higher blood alcohol content can be convicted of a DWI offense.  There are two tiers – if the blood alcohol content is .08 % to less than .10% it is a first tier offense carrying with it a license suspension of 3 months together with monetary fines, penalties and surcharges.  If it is .10 % or higher BAC, then there is a 7-12 month suspension; for second offenders there is a two-year loss of license and increased monetary damages and the potential of some jail term although few if any second offenders go to jail.  For a third or subsequent offence there is a ten-year loss of license, and a mandatory 180 days in the county jail which must be served unless there is admission into a 90-day in-patient substance abuse program.  In addition to alcohol violations, an individual who is under the influence of either legal prescription drugs or illegal drugs can also be convicted of DUI, driving under the influence, which can be proven through blood or urine results, or the testimony of the state drug recognition expert.  The penalty for a first offense for a DUI is 7-12 month suspension, there is no 3 month license loss for that category; and the penalties for a second or third offense are the same.

Due to my background as a Deputy Attorney General in the Division of Criminal Justice, prosecutor and defense attorney, I have the unique insight into all aspects of motor vehicle violations and especially representing people who have been charged with DWI/DUI.  A successful DWI/DUI attorney must be aware of all of the case law and statutory defenses.  Additionally, an attorney must have connections with expert witnesses who will assist in the proper preparation of a defense.  There are significant defenses that can be raised based upon the operation of breath testing devices and the use by the State of blood and urine testing.  I have been representing people in municipal court on DWI cases, both alcohol and blood for over 40 years.

Our New Jersey law firm offers vigorous defense against driving violations including:

  • DWI (Driving While Intoxicated);
  • Reckless or careless driving;
  • Illegal parking; or
  • Speeding.
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