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If your business has ever been the target of a complaint from the Division on Civil Rights (“DCR”) or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) you may be familiar with defending yourself or your business before the DCR or EEOC. Generally, the DCR and at time the EEOC are charged with enforcement of the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination. As you may know, the Law Against Discrimination is a broad statute that protects individuals and employees from discrimination in employment, among other arenas.

Have you gifted real estate worth more than $13,000 to a family member? If so, don’t forget to file a gift tax return.

A recent Wall Street Journal article discusses the IRS’s “low profile, but sweeping” effort to discover unreported gifts of real estate to family members through an examination of state land-transfer records. What does that mean? It means that the IRS is looking at real estate deeds that show transfers of property between family members. When they find one, they look to IRS records to see if the person who gifted the property filed a gift tax return. If the IRS doesn’t find one in their records, they’ll probably send you a letter, which isn’t on most people’s list of favorite things to find in the mailbox.

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