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New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Our workers’ compensation attorneys represent individuals injured at work.  If you are injured at work or a specific date or if you are injured at work over a period of time performing repetitive job duties such as heavy lifting you have a right to pursue a workers’ compensation case against the insurance company for your employer.  Every employer in New Jersey has to have workers’ compensation insurance.

If you are injured at work, New Jersey workers’ compensation courts have exclusive jurisdiction over the claim.  The employer’s workers’ compensation insurance company has to pay the medical bills, the employee’s lost time from work and has to pay a disability award if there was a permanent injury to a body part.  Workers’ compensation benefits are provided immediately after an accident and without having to prove fault.

The attorneys at Einhorn Barbarito are experienced in handling all aspects of a workers’ compensation case and provide prompt, personalized and professional attention to your case. Our goal in every case is to maximize your recovery of workers’ compensation benefits.

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