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$130,000 Settlement For Premises Liability Case

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Plaintiff, 56 year old woman at the time of the accident, was a patient in the emergency room of Defendant Hospital, because she had injured her ankles. Plaintiff was diagnosed with a badly sprained right ankle.   Rather than applying a boot or shoe, as she requested, medical staff, opted to wrap not only the ankle, but the entire foot in a large bulky ace bandage, such that Plaintiff could not put her shoe on her right foot.  Although Plaintiff was provided minimal crutch instruction, the patient care technician left Plaintiff unattended before she was able to confidently ambulate. When she attempted to use the crutches, Plaintiff slipped and fell backwards in the emergency room, landing on her left arm sustained a left wrist fracture, requiring an open reduction and internal fixation surgery with plates and screws. The surgery resulted in a four-inch scar on Plaintiff’ s left wrist and an inability to close her left hand, along with residual numbness on her left hand and fingers. The case settled for a total amount of $ 130,000.00.

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