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New Jersey Employment Lawyer Handling Sexual Harassment Cases

The New Jersey Law Against Discrimination (LAD) prohibits sexual harassment, which is defined as conduct that includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual relations or any verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.
Forms of sexual harassment include:

  • “Quid pro quo” – An employer, or an employer’s agent, implies or states that granting sexual favors or participating in sexual acts is a condition of employment, or that this behavior will be rewarded with advancement to a higher position or that withholding these favors will be punished with a negative evaluation or demotion.
  • Hostile work environment – An employee is subjected to sexual, abusive, or offensive conduct because of gender. The conduct must be severe or pervasive. In this instance, it does not have to be sexual conduct and it does not have to involve physical contact.

Addressing Complicated and Evolving Sexual Harassment Issues

While sexual harassment cases have always involved sensitive and complicated legal issues, the recent explosion of the #MeToo movement has raised new questions as to what types of behavior are acceptable in the employment context. In this changing environment, both business and employees must take extra care to understand how the laws and the legal systems work when it comes to sexual harassment claims.

A New Jersey employment lawyer at Einhorn Barbarito is well-attuned to the complex and evolving challenges surrounding sexual harassment claims in the workplace. We carefully monitor case developments and nuances in the law so that we can provide our clients with current and accurate legal advice.

Our sexual harassment attorneys counsel and defend companies throughout New Jersey facing sexual harassment allegations by current and former employees. We also work with businesses and other organizations to develop and revise workplace policies and procedures that can help avoid sexual harassment complaints and lawsuits. Recognizing that sexual harassment claims can be highly disruptive and destroy a company’s reputation in the eyes of the public, we work to ensure that our clients have the guidance and resources they need to prevent and respond to complaints in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

The attorneys in our Employment Law Practice also counsel and represent both women and men who have been sexually harassed by their employers, managers or co-workers. We are very familiar with the evolving state and federal laws governing sexual harassment in the workplace and are well equipped to litigate these claims at all levels from trial to appeals. Our attorneys appreciate the sensitive nature of their work and concentrate on creating a supportive environment that protects our clients’ rights at each stage of the legal process.

Let a New Jersey Employment Lawyer Help

Whether you are an employee who has been subjected to sexual harassment in the workplace or an employer who needs advice in responding to a harassment complaint, our attorneys will meet with you to formulate a course of action that makes sense for your situation. We can also help your business put the right sexual harassment policies and procedures in place to comply with changing laws and legal requirements. Contact a New Jersey employment lawyer today by calling 973-627-7300.

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