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Employment Policies and Handbooks

An employee handbook and specific employment policies are beneficial to any size business. A well-drafted employee manual continuously proves to be an invaluable tool for employers and employees alike. Think of it as a singular source for employees that sets the tone of your business and clearly identifies employer’s expectations. Conversely, the absence of an employee manual may open the door to claims for harassment, discrimination, and retaliation and expose your business to unanticipated claims that an employment contract existed where none was intended.

An employee manual should communicate the company’s policies, procedures and expectations to the new employee. But equally as important, employee manuals are the best way for business owners to share their mission statement and introduce the business culture. This goes a long way in fostering a sense of community with new hires, which studies show will help employees become more productive in a shorter period of time. They also improve the efficiency of a business by enumerating the employee benefits, performance expectations, conduct and discipline. It showcases the professionalism of the organization and presents an opportunity to engage with and energize the new employee.

Employee Guides Can Prevent Problems in the Workplace

A well-crafted employee guide is an excellent way to limit the liability of an employer by providing clear guidance on workplace policies, such as:

  • Family and medical leave
  • Paid time off
  • Benefits
  • Employee discipline
  • Reporting structure
  • Social media/electronic communications
  • Compensation
  • Sexual harassment/discrimination
  • Confidentiality
  • Employee conduct

The signed acknowledgement of your company manual illustrates that the employee understood the organization’s policies and agreed to follow the terms and conditions of employment established by the company.

New Jersey Employment Attorneys Helping Create and Edit Employee Manuals and Policies

The employment lawyers at Einhorn Barbarito have extensive experience providing professional guidance on employee handbooks and workplace policies. Our employment lawyers regularly review and draft employee manuals and other documents for organizations throughout New Jersey, ranging from small start-up enterprises to well-established corporations. We know how to anticipate potential workplace problems in advance and work with clients to craft clear and straight-forward procedures aimed at keeping their organizations running smoothly

Oftentimes, an out-of-date handbook is worse that no handbook at all. With employment laws constantly shifting and evolving, organizations need to regularly review and update their employee handbooks and workplace procedures. Our New Jersey employment attorneys stay on top of legal changes and developments and work with clients to ensure that the manuals and guides they distribute to their employees comply with current federal, state and local laws and regulations.

If your company needs assistance in drafting or revising an employee manual or any other type of written workplace policies or procedures, Einhorn Barbarito can help. Our employment lawyers will work with you to create comprehensive employment documents that best reflect your organizational vision and goals while minimizing the risk of potential lawsuits and liability. We invite you to schedule a consultation with an attorney in our Employment Law Practice by calling our New Jersey law offices at 973-627-7300.

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