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The Greatness of Our Golden Years with Rob Liebreich

July 27, 2022 | by Patricia M. Barbarito

For many, aging is an uncomfortable aspect of life, and the very idea of retiring or entering an assisted living facility produces feelings of dread, sadness, and despair. But not so for featured guest Rob Liebreich, CEO & President of Goodwin Living. Instead, he is quick to tell host Pat Barbarito how his career spent in service to seniors has given him insight into just how rich life can be in one’s 70s, 80s, and beyond – and inspires him to do whatever is necessary to keep the golden years shining for generations.


Conversation highlights include:

  • How a long life can impact a person’s perspective on love and soften any resistance to receiving and sharing love;
  • The community support that can be found in assisted living facilities and how being part of a community can play into the discovery of purpose;
  • The importance of finding and embracing a spirit of purpose at any age;
  • The key ingredients to creating an engaged community at an assisted living facility;
  • How to create meaningful change without alienating people along the way;
  • The three simple tasks that help strengthen the prefrontal cortex and arrest the symptoms of dementia and other cognitive diseases; and so much more.

BONUS: Learn more about Stronger Memory – the brain boosting curriculum inspired by Rob’s own experience helping his mother halt her mild cognitive impairment – and how these tools remain free to the public through support from the Goodwin Living Foundation. Special thanks to the State of Maryland for rolling out the program to senior centers throughout the state and to George Mason University professors O’Hara and Thompkins for collaborating on further research in this area.

Robert “Rob” Liebreich was appointed President and CEO of Goodwin Living Incorporated in May 2019. His energy, compassion and creative drive, as well as his proven leadership in senior living, set him apart during a competitive six-month national search for the new Goodwin Living CEO. Prior to joining Goodwin Living, Rob was the executive director of the Asbury Methodist Village (AMV), a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community in Gaithersburg, MD. He has also held senior positions in marketing and operations for senior living organizations in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan area and the Pacific Northwest. Rob studied Business Administration and International Business and Marketing at Georgetown University; he also holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Senior Care and Housing from Johns Hopkins University.

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