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$450,000 Total Settlement For Contractor Injured On The Job

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Plaintiff was employed as a concrete laborer who was working to construct at a town home complex in New Brunswick, NJ. During the course of his employment, Plaintiff presented to the town home complex to perform cement remediation and repair. He was instructed to use an unsteady cement mixer, haphazardly propped up by a 2×4 piece of lumber. This cement mixer vibrated and shook violently due to its unsafe operation and condition, spitting water and cement as it turned. As instructed by his boss, Plaintiff attempted to add water to the cement mixer at which time he was splashed in the right eye with cement, causing irreparable injury and blindness to his right eye. Plaintiff was never provided with safety googles for this task, and the job site did not have clean running water or an eyewash station for Plaintiff to wash his eye out after this incident. Plaintiff suffered complete blindness in his right eye requiring multiple surgical procedures. The surgical procedures helped Plaintiff but his vision is blurry and “wavy”. He cannot see a straight line, instead it appears wavy. He still feels pain in his right eye and his eye tears often. His hand-eye coordination is impaired and he also experiences double vision. However, Plaintiff did not seek immediate medical attention and due to translation issues, the medical records reflected that his contact caused the injury. Defendants argued the relationship between the accident and Plaintiff’s injuries.

On July 16, 2019, the case settled for a total $450,000.

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