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$100,000 Total Settlement for Motor Vehicle Accident

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Plaintiff, fifty-eight (58) years of age at the time of this accident, was stopped while waiting for traffic to clear to execute a left turn. At that time, Defendant, was proceeding southbound, directly behind Plaintiff’ s vehicle and failed to maintain proper following distance and violently struck the rear of Plaintiff’ s vehicle. Plaintiff sustained several herniated disc in her neck, midback and low back. Immediately following the accident, Plaintiff was transported via ambulance to the emergency room. After consulting a physician, she commenced a course of conservative management consisting of chiropractic care and physical modalities. Unfortunately, her pain failed to resolve and she underwent three lumbar medial branch blocks. The lumbar branch blocks failed to provide any long lasting relief, so she then underwent a lumbar radiofrequency ablation and a trial of epidural steroid injections. However, her pain remained and she was recommended for cervical and lumbar spinal surgeries.

The case settled for a total amount of $100,000.

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