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New Jersey Tax Attorneys Resolving Federal and State Tax Collection Matters

Failing to resolve unpaid tax debts can have serious consequences for both individuals and businesses. Interests rates and penalties associated with unpaid taxes increase over time and taxpayers can quickly find themselves facing tax liens, tax levies and other harsh penalties for the back taxes they owe.

The tax attorneys at Einhorn Barbarito understand just how troublesome tax collection issues can be for our clients.  Our tax lawyers represent individuals and businesses throughout New Jersey in federal and state tax collection matters.  We are very familiar with how tax authorities handle collection issues, and our attorneys concentrate on finding practical and workable alternatives for our clients.  These options may include:

  • Releases of tax liens and levies. If you neglect or refuse to pay unpaid tax liabilities on time, the IRS can act to place a tax lien on your property.  The government can also levy your bank accounts, garnish your wages, and seize and sell your house, vehicles or other real or personal property to satisfy a tax liability.  Our New Jersey tax attorneys understand the processes and procedures relating to tax liens and levies.  When our clients are subject to these types of harsh collection procedures, we take quick action to protect our clients’ rights and work to get the liens and levies released.
  • Negotiation of payment plans with federal and state authorities.  In some situations, the best option for resolving an unpaid tax debt involves negotiating a payment plan with taxing authorities.  Payment plans are generally structured to allow the taxpayer to satisfy the tax obligation in periodic installments over a period of time.  Our tax attorneys are skilled negotiators who know how to reach an agreement with taxing authorities that is both fair and manageable for our clients.
  • Offer in Compromise program and other amnesty related opportunities.  The IRS Offer in Compromise program frequently offers qualified taxpayers the ability to settle a tax debt for less than the full amount owed.  Taxpayers who are unable to pay their full tax liability and meet the program’s requirements can submit an offer in compromise to the IRS.  The process generally involves multiple steps and depending upon the complexity of your situation, it may take quite some time for the government to agree upon a settlement.  The New Jersey tax attorneys at our firm have substantial experience assisting clients with making formal offers in compromise and are prepared to walk you through each phase of the program.  We can also help you identify and participate in other available amnesty programs designed to resolve your outstanding tax liabilities.
  • Innocent Spouse Claim.  While there are many benefits associated with joint tax returns, filing a joint return makes both parties to the return liable for the taxes owed.  If you filed a joint tax return and believe that it is unfair for you to be held liable for the tax obligations of your former spouse, we may be able to help you secure relief through an innocent spouse claim.  If successful, an innocent spouse claim could eliminate the burden of joint and several tax liabilities that should not be imposed upon you.

Contact Our New Jersey Tax Attorneys Today

Given the complex issues and multiple avenues available to resolve tax collection matters, taxpayers with outstanding tax liabilities should consult with an experienced team of tax attorneys.  The attorneys in our Taxation Practice have decades of collective experience assisting New Jersey residents and businesses with federal and state collection issues.  We encourage you to contact our tax law team to discuss your individual situation.

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