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$85,000 Settlement In Motor Vehicle Accident

August 14, 2020 | Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

Plaintiff, eighteen ( 18) years of age at the time of this accident, was fully stopped at a red traffic when struck in the rear at an excessive rate of speed. The force of impact was so great that plaintiff’ s driver’ s seat broke and her vehicle was propelled across the intersection. Plaintiff’ s head jolted forward and she hit her nose on the steering wheel. Plaintiff immediately complained of pain. As a result of this accident, Plaintiff sustained nasal fractures, a displacement of the nasal bridge, a deviated nasal septum; and neck and back injuries. Plaintiff continues to have difficulty breathing through her nose and still experiences whistling from her nose on a daily basis, and this affects her ability to sleep because she now wakes up during the night to drink water for her dry mouth and to blow her nose. Additionally, plaintiff’ s nose is noticeably disfigured from the accident in that it now slants to the left side. The case settled for a total amount of $85,000.00.

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