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$800,000 Settlement, Tardibuono vs. Castillo et al-Vehicle Accident

June 27, 2007

On June 27, 2007, at approximately 11:30 a.m., the plaintiff, a 41-year-old employee of Port Newark Terminal, was seriously injured while backing up his tractor trailer into a designated parking space in the loading area. When he saw another vehicle traveling at an excessive rate of speed then swerve to avoid hitting a parked truck, he stopped. The defendant’s vehicle then struck the front of the plaintiff’s stopped tractor with such force that it threw the plaintiff to the floor. The impact from the collision caused the plaintiff to incur a broken back. The roadway traveled by the defendant is perpendicular to the parking spaces and has a speed limit of 15 miles per hour maximum. Witnesses confirmed that the defendant was speeding. The plaintiff sustained a burst fracture and concussion with additional fractures with fragments lodged in the spinal canal. In July 2007, he underwent extensive surgery and endured a lengthy rehabilitation process. He will require subsequent surgeries to cement together his vertebrae. Due to his injuries, the plaintiff will never be able to work as a truck driver again. The pain from the trauma and subsequent treatment is continuing. He cannot move without pain and he is in pain whether he sits, stands or sleeps. He also suffers emotional trauma due to the worry of being unable to perform his job and the inability to return to the life he once knew. His wife has also suffered a loss of the intimate relationship she once had with her spouse due to his physical injuries. As a result, she has asserted and was compensated for a “loss of consortium.”

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